The head adopts bars from Lasertel

Under the hood there is a Lasertel diode head. Lasertel is a well-known manufacturer from USA, that has crafted the most powerful diode laser in the world. Lasertel’s Gigawatt laser is 100 000 times brighter than the sun. Lasertel is specialized in manufacturing laser systems for defense, automotive and aesthetic purposes.

Multipilus Titan triple spectrum laser adopts 3 different types of laser bars from Lasertel making the ultimate diode head capable to remove with surgical accuracy different types of hair. Super fast, super-accurate in the spectrum and last, but not least – super-powerful.






Super-cooling from Z-MAX JAPAN

There is a super-cooling Japanese system inside the head, that makes it possible to emit thousand watts of laser energy with virtually no pain. Manufacturer Z-MAX has crafted a specifically powerful 90W cooling system for that purpose, delivering -5 C° to the skin.



Water cooling from XYLEM UK

The well-known Brand XYLEM has produced the FLOJET system that flows and filtrates the water, making it possible for the machine to run theoretically years without stopping. That is why Multipilus is

not only ready for 24/7 working hours, Multipilus is made for that purpose.

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